After Roon asked to update, I can only see online albums not my local library

Not having a back-up is, obviously, my biggest mistake here… I don’t relish having to rip hundreds (if not thousands) of CDs and then do all the combinations of box-sets etc… sigh.
I don’t really understand, with the SSD card on my NUC, why I really need an external hard drive in the first place but I know that’s just what ROCK requires.

@Mike_O_Neill and @benjamin - I think you’re confusing the issue here. It appears as though the USB drive has failed. It’s not showing up in Edward’s Windows Disk Management screenshot.

And @Edward_Goodwin - the M.2 SSD in a ROCK/NUC can only be used for holding the Roon operating system and the Roon application (the Core and database) itself. It can’t be used to hold music files. Some NUC models have room inside for a 2.5" drive that can be used for music file storage, otherwise external USB drives can be used for this.

I’m afraid if you haven’t a backup of your USB drive, then it does look to me as though you’re faced with re-ripping your CDs and boxsets. Not a happy prospect.

My experience with a brand new USB 5Tb WD MyPassport is exactly what is being described. I spent ages formatting, reformatting and eventually copying

Once plugged into the NUC the USB drive struggled to mount in Windows 10 , perseverance , rebooting and swearing later it did and I managed to re-partition and reformat then all was well. It needed a partition clearing ?

I am not saying the Roon OS did this to the drive but for a completely empty new drive not to mount , something happened. Once mounted Roon proceeded to re-import the files as “changed”

Ultimately I reformatted NTFS , put it in the NUC and copied files to it via the NUC , Roon at least honoured the paths and didn’t re-import this time

Now I leave well enough alone. Roon was interpreting dates different to the pervious OS so I finished having to re BU the drive as well.

The USB drive may well be dead but not necessarily