After RoonBridge Update Device is gone from Audio (but visible in Info)

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

ZTE WLAN Router and GigabitEthSwitch so Server and Bridge are connected via Ethernet LAN over the same switch. The Remote (MacBook Pro) is in the WLAN of the ZTE Router.

No change done on any of the other devices only on the Bridge.

Connected Audio Devices

Restek MAMS + running archlinux armv7l (Roonbridge package armv7hf)

Library Size

100.000 Tracks

Description of Issue

Befor I ran roonbridge 1.7 (571) on the archlinux system, after updating to 1.8 device is still visible in Info but not in Audio (it uses standard ALSA like a rasberry pi for instance).

PS: I rebooted both machines serveral times and also logged out and agaib into my account on the server, no luck.

Any chance to get an older package bz2 from 1.7 (571) just to test if it is related to the new version?

Thank you and best regards


Seems RAATServer Log is too small and it seems to reboot again and again (RAATService)…

Maybe that’s why the device cannot be found in the Audio section…

I could find the 1.7 (build571) package on the internet and modified the .sh script to use that package.

After install all is good again, so definately related to 1.8 RAAT Server package!!!

See good looking RAAT log file:

I would guess I am not the only person which may have that problem…

So please do not close that topic an take a look into it pls.

Roon Bridge logs:

It may likely be related to the outdated kernel of your Restek MAMS Archlinux system being at 3.18.x

There’s mention of required Linux kernels in Roon’s knowledge base
Here’s the relevant excerpt:
Recent Linux Kernel
We test with recent (4.x) kernels. It’s likely that older ones will work too. A bunch of relevant ALSA work was merged in around 3.19, so going back further than that might be asking for trouble…

That’s the crux with today’s computer HiFi, especially with high-end manufacturers incorporating it into their products - backwards compatibility isn’t guaranteed.

I suggest checking with RESTEK, but am not too confident that they support OS updates…

Thank you very much! I will stay on 1.7 (571) then (never change a running system :smile: )

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