After update to 1105 all audio devices gone

Roon Core Machine

docker on unraid

Networking Gear & Setup Details

mikrotik switch devices cable connected

Connected Audio Devices

apple tv, roopie on pi, oppo, ipad

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

no audio devices show up. even the ipad itself does not list as audio device, although remote app connects to core

Not a supported setup.

To get on topic: As this is a new release, it may also contain networking changes (and other changes like any other new release). It’s usually the RAATServer component that’s responsible for making available output devices accessible. If I had your problems, I would first restart my Roon Core and then, if the problem still persists, look at firewalls/antivirus installations and temporarily disable them as a test to see if it creates a change in behavior. Looking into the logs, the RAATServer logs specifically, may also reveal something.

somehow db got corrupted.
reinstalled docker and restored backup. now everything working again.


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