After update to V1.2 Roon stops streaming from Tidal[Solved]

I’m running Roon Server on a Surface Pro 3 i5 and use it only for streaming Tidal and the iPad as remote control. I’m using the USB output wit Accuphase USB driver to a DAC-40. Everything was fine until I updated to V1.2
Since the update the play stops repeated after a minute or some songs.
Any hints to solve this?

Hi Rainer,

Can you perform a test and see if the happens when playing local tracks?
It’s quite important, if local files play fine, then it’s most likely a Tidal streaming issue.
If local files have the same issue, then we would look towards other issues.

Also how is the Surface Pro 3 connected to your LAN?

I first had to install som local files. Playing local files stopped randomly as streaming Tidal.
Surface is connected to Router via W-Lan.
Today I installed Build 128.
Now it works.
Thanks for vast support and new build which cures problem.

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Thanks for an update @Rainer.