Aftermarket headphone cables: UK / Europe

Am looking for another aftermarket headphone cable.
I know about CustomCans, Oidio and Forza.

Anybody got any other recommendations / positive experience for hand-built aftermarket cables with good quality / price ratio?

Budget is upto 150 GBP for a 1. 25M cable with 4.4 balanced and hirose can connectors.

Throw them at me…

I myself have bought from Forza, think they are good price to performance value and if you have special request they are there.

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Norne audio is a good option, might be a little above the stated budget.

Also take a look at Moon-Audio cables or Wywires.

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Thanks, but looks like they all in the US.
I’m in Norway and Toll here extract every last penny they can on import taxes.

Toxic Cables in the UK make great sounding and looking cables. They tend to be pricey, so I can’t speak to your budget. Check them out at:

Good luck in your search.

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Sorry about all the extraneous info. Just meant to give you their website.

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