AIFF issues, music playback stutters and even freezes Roon

I’ve read through the posts about aiff issues and this one seems to overlap. The good news for me is that I don’t use aiffs in my personal collection. But I do use them for my business which is media production. I thought it might be nice to use Roon to store and access music from the commercial music library service I buy, but it’s not essential.

My purpose here is merely to show @support how Roon behaved with the aiff tracks on my system. I don’t need this solved for my use.

Here’s a video of the behavior:

Here’s the track info.

Hello @jlo,

Thanks for the report, but to start the troubleshooting we need a description of your setup + media files (if you have a dropbox or another cloud storage, you can upload it there and send us the link via PM).

I’ll try to do that this weekend. Not a burning issue for me but if it will help you out in understanding behavior I’m glad to do it.