Air (French band)

Hi. Air is a popular French band, however, when you click on the artist there are a number of albums that are no by the artist. I haven’t seen this before on Roon which is great. Just a heads up.


Hi @Mike13,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing and which albums are not by this artist?

Air is also the name of an avant garde jazz trio with Henry Threadgill, Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall with other drummers replacing McCall after his death. As I have a number of this Air’s releases, these show up as the primary albums on my roon, but there are a couple that are clearly not theirs that come up via Qobuz, as well.

Air is also one of the names the Japanese artist Kōji Kurumatani (車谷浩司) (ex Spiral Life) has used.
I have records by him and the Threadgill/Hopkins/McCall trio, but none by the French Air, but at last the Japanese artist gets credited to the French.

Hi @dylan

I can help out with a screen shot as I am seeing the same issue in my library…

Hey everyone,

We looked into this, and it appears that the mixup here appears to be stemming directly from TIDAL and Qobuz. If you take a look at the TIDAL and Qobuz apps and navigate to the Air artist, you’ll see the same. For these types of issues, the best option is reach out to TIDAL and Qobuz directly.


Good luck getting Tidal to do anything. I have had a request for a metadata fix in for 6 weeks and still not action !

That would make sense but it is not the case.

I just had a look at the Tidal app and you do not see the same. Could you fix please?

Same as Michael_Forsyth here. The only physical release by the Japanese Air I have (All Along Air, afaik his only release outside of Japan) also links to the French Air.