AirPlay 1 and 2 in same group?

Couldn’t find a thread that directly addressed this. I have a BeoPlay A6 which has Airplay 1 and might get some AirPlay 2 devices. Can I group these together?

Hi @Robert_Murray,

Roon does not currently support AirPlay 2, as mentioned here:

While we do not support AirPlay 2, you should be able to play to these devices using our AirPlay 1 support and, AirPlay devices can be grouped together as noted in our KB.

There is a thread called “AirPlay 2 Available Today” in this forum: Airplay 2 Available Today. The date next to it says April 12th, so at first glance, it looks like you guys support it. I’d suggest some better moderation of these forums because there seem to be posts by people who are confused as to your support. You should probably modify the title of that thread.

From what I understand, the Sonos:One Gen 2 only supports AirPlay 2 and not AirPlay 1, so it won’t work anyways. I’m going a different direction at this point with 2 B&W Wedge speakers and a Bluesound which all seem to use RaaT, so it’s moot now.

Thanks for the reply.

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