Airplay 1 or 2 Bose & Sonos


I have looked on here but struggling to understand some terminology

I have Bose SoundTouch 20’s that are only Airplay 1

Will roon send music to them ? Or do they need to be Airplay 2

And if I were to change them for say Sonos 1’s Gen 1 would Roon play through them if I paired two of them for stereo sound

Roon does not support Airplay 2, so, unless there is some other issue they should work. As always the best option is just to try it and see if they work.

I have never used Sonos, so I cannot tell you if Roon respects Sonos stereo groupings. The answer you are looking for might be in the Roon Sonos Faq. here.

I don’t use Airplay with Roon, but it should work.

Thanks all

It’s all a bit daunting as I’m moving from listening to everything through Spotify to separates and Roon and in the years between me having separates to now things have changed a bit…