Airplay 1274 adapters disappear from iOS and Roon but remain on main network

Setup: Roon Core running on Windows7 desktop connected by wire to Eero rounter thru gigabit switch. Streaming to two Airplay Express 1274 units (Airplay1). Roon client accessed on iphone8 14.4.1. Eero router and wifi. Firewalls are off for troubleshooting.

Problem: The Airplay Express zones/units will disappear and reappear in Roon and on my IPhone 8 but the Airplay Express units always show up on my wireless network. I can ping them. The 1274s are set up to connect to my main wireless network. Both are in close proximity to an Eero transmitter-receiver.

Sometimes the zones will stay stable for weeks. Sometimes less than a day. When they disappear, I will reset the 1274s and set them up fresh on my iPhone in wifi settings. Sometimes (not always) the setup will fail at the end of the setup process with the error, “[the unit] returned an unknown error.” Yesterday, the setup process got to the end and just spun. I removed the setup from memory and went out for the evening. When I returned four hours later, both 1274s were available.

Went into Roon client today to enable the Airplay zones again. I noticed that Roon shows them at a different IP address than they show on my Eero rounter. Eero shows them at an IP address starting with 192.168; Roon shows an IP address starting with 169.254. The different IP addresses makes me think that the 1274s are creating a secondary Airplay network, but I’m not sure.

Don’t think this is a problem caused by Roon. But since Roon obviously understands how Airplay works and has tested it, I’m looking for advice from someone who has some “under-the-hood” knowledge. I’ve exhausted my keyword Google searches and can’t find anything that fits the problem I’m having. Looking for thoughts-suggestions. Minus this annoyance, this is an easy, inexpensive, and great-sounding setup for Roon. Thanx for your comments…

Hey @Glen_Smith,

Thanks a whole lot for painting such a clear picture of your setup and sharing your observations. We do appreciate it.

I want to apologize for the delay in getting back to you - this is not how long it normally takes. We’re working our way through all the threads we’ve missed so far :pleading_face:

Are you still experiencing this? Are there any updates?

If so, I’d be happy to pass this on to our technical team :nerd_face:


Thanks for your reply. Glad to hear from you.

Yes, I’m still experiencing the issue. The Airplay adapters will just disappear from my iDevices and Roon - usually overnight (tho Roon will sometimes keep a connection with one).

Since my post I’ve done the following-reserved a static IP for the Airplay adapters a couple of days ago, and restarted the network just an hour ago.

Static IPs didn’t help as the adapters didn’t didn’t show on my iDevices when I returned home this morning. The adapters did show up after I restarted the network. I don’t know if the restart helped or if my timing was just lucky.

As I said in my post, I don’t think this is caused by Roon. But I shouldn’t be having this problem and don’t know where to go to get any expertise “under the hood. Interested to know if your tech guys have any insight. Do you need more info to forward this thread?

Thanx, Glen