AirPlay 2 sees Stereo paired HomePods as Apple TV

I was excited to be able to play music from Roon to my stereo paired HomePods. But when I see devices in Roon it sees them as AppleTv and asks me for an Airplay password which there isn’t for HomePods. Anyone else having this issue? Know how to fix it? In the meantime I have to change system output of my Mac to the paired HomePods to play Roon to them.

Wasn’t the default audio output of your AppleTV set to your Homepod pair ?
That would be why Roon sees only your AppleTV (and not your Homepod pair).

But having the Homepod pair set as the default audio output of the AppleTV is actually a way to work around the fact that Roon still doesn’t recognize the original Homepod pairs, in my experience (it only recognizes the Homepod Mini pairs).

The first time you enable your AppleTV in Roon, it will ask for a “password”, enter the four digit code that then shows on your TV and you are all set (this is when you configure no password to airplay to the AppleTV).
Now when playing from Roon to your AppleTV, the sound will play through your Homepod pair,

Thanks very much. My home pods are set up standalone in my listening room separate from my Apple TV. Apple Home app sees them as a stereo pair but not Roon. Roon sees them as an Apple TV which they are not. Changing the output of my Apple TV will work but it’s same workaround as changing system output if my Mac where my roon server sits. Roon has enabled airplay 2 with my setup in mind so I don’t understand why it can’t see stereo HomePods completely separate from an Apple TV. Anything else I airplay from like my Mac does.

I think airplay 2 and stereo detection are kinda two different things.
My original homepods (1st generation) show as independent homepods despite they are configured as a pair, but they are shown as connected via Airplay 2.

I suspect that Roon only recognizes pairs of homepods generation 2 and homepods mini, but they forgot the original homepods genation 1.

What’s generation are your homepods of ?

Hi there I have HomePod 2 set up as a stereo pair.

Oh ok then in your case it should work, as I saw in another thread that someone had it work out with a pair of homepods 2.
The things other people say:

  • Make sure the ho pods have the latest firmware
  • Reboot the machine on which Roon runs twice
  • Re-launch Roon server
  • Wait until Roon updates the devices …

Good luck !

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Thanks so much!

Hi @Carlos_Zaidi,

Are you still experiencing this issue after the restart?

Yes. I’ve reset the HomePods, updated firmware and restarted my machine several times. Same problem. Roon server running on a Mac sees them as an Apple TV.

Hi, today the HomePods appeared in Roon as a stereo pair of HomePods! I have no idea why all of a sudden they appeared. I added them as an output device. I played to them but the sound seemed very weird. I played the same song on system output from Roon on my Mac to the HomePods and it sounded amazing. Why the difference between playing to them on system output and as a device directly from Roon??

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