Airplay 2 with LG WEB os TV

HI all… im having some issues with my tv. The Roon Shows the TV over airplay 2 but can stream any to device. I already set a fixed password , but nothing happened. Any ideas?

Hi @Andres_Roepke.
I have been hoping that someone was doing this too. Another end point would be great. However my LG oled TV doesnt even show up in the roon audio tab when i switch airplay 2 on the tv. Did your tv just appear in roon or did you have to do some other process to get it to show up?

just appear… but is not working

Hi @Andres_Roepke,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! Two immediate things to try:

  1. Reboot your Roon Server twice, and see if your issue persists.
  2. Select the endpoint, click the volume icon>cogwheel>device setup>advanced> test the compatibility toggle with your device and see if your issue persists

@boggyflynn @roepke_shepherd you can test the above as well and see if it helps. :+1:

Shows the Image in the tv , but not audio. Im trying to force the output via the osx directly and was the only way to show something in the screen

Hey @benjamin,
Rebooting the roon server has the tv showing up now. However audio wont play.when i toggle the compatibility mode off roon thinks about playing for a few seconds but then nothing plays. When i turn compatibility mode on roon doesn’t wven appear to think about playing music and just does nothing. This occurs with my other speakers that are airplay 2 compatible; Turning on compatibility mode prevents any music playback. How is the compatibility mode supposed to work?

Thanks for the updates!

What happens if you first add the devices to your apple Home app, and then attempt to sync them via Roon. Here’s more info:

Let me know, thanks!