Airplay devices not showing

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Home mesh

Connected Audio Devices

Weiss 501 DAC, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Airplay devices are no longer visible and I cannot see them under “Audio” this happened over the last couple of days, and I have made no changes. Please advise.

Any thoughts?

Can you please provide more information on the model of your MacBook, what version of MacOS you are using, and what version of Roon are you using? Also, are all of your devices connecting via WiFi? A couple of initial thoughts:

  1. Is everything on the same WiFi network as the MacBook Core?

  2. Have you confirmed that the firewall on your MacBook is set to allow exceptions for Roon and RAATServer?


Thank you. The Airplay devices are now showing up again with no changes on my end. I believe there was some glitch in the software that caused them to disappear and then comeback.

I have a 2013 MacBook Pro running OS 10.15.7 that is connected via Ethernet to my LAN. I have made no changes to the firewall settings.


@Wing_Goodale, we’ll show this as solved for now. Glad you are up and running again.

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