Airplay Multi-Room Streaming Stops Playing After 5 Seconds on Start

Innous Zenith Mk3 (1.7 Build 505)
Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 - Ethernet to Zenith Mk3 Core

Airplay devices involved here are a Hegel H390, HomePod, Sonos One, Sonos Play 5, and Sonos Beam. The H390 is hardwired ethernet to the Core.

When I try to stream to multiple Airplay devices, nine times out of ten it stops playing after 5-10 seconds of initial playing. When I press play again, it continues to stream consistently without any issue. Any ideas why this initial dropout occurs?

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

Is this happening with any combination of devices? If you play to each one separately are there any issues?

Hey Dylan—

Did some testing and it does not seem to occur when only playing to one (1) Airplay device. Only all.

Hi @Matt_Cuttler,

Can you please try grouping one device at a time and note if playback stops after adding a specific device to the group? I’m wondering if the issue is due to just one of the devices you listed as being problematic.

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