Airplay or Sonos Streaming

I have two Era 100’s. In Sonos they were a stereo pair. I understand that I can achieve the same in Roon by running only the left channel through one and only the right channel through the other and then grouping them together. But I can’t group them because one is connected to Airplay and the other to Sonos Streaming. Is there any way to change this?

I don’t have Sonos, but can’t you use the Sonos app to change one of their connections so they are both on either airplay or sonos streaming? Which one depends on what you like, but I would think that airplay would be the way to go?

There is a note on the Sonos 100 page about WiFi connection if you have them on WiFi:
Matching Sonos products bond as a stereo pair over WiFi and can be used as rear satellite speakers for surround sound as part of a Sonos home theater system.”

This doesn’t help. But it’s not really important. (I don’t want to use the Sonos app. If I wpuld, I didn’t switch to Roon…)

I was just thinking you could use the app to change they way the speakers were attached to your network? I use the KEF app for speaker setup for my LS50W so thought maybe Sonos would do the same thing for you? maybe not?

I don’t think that this is possible. But the problem has disappeared by itself: Roon displays both devices, but only one can be controlled, and this is the stereo pair. It’s not exactly intuitive, but it works. So I’m satisfied.

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