AirPlay Problem with Roon 2.0

I am having problems connecting to airplay on my AppleTV since upgrading to Roon 2.0. When I try to play something from my iPad using my ´AppleTV’ zone nothing plays and a four digit Airplay Code appears on my tv screen. I have disabled the ´AppleTV’ zone and reconnected using the Airplay Code shown but this does nothing. When I again try to play something a new code appears. Everything appears to be up to date so I do not know what is going on. Is it time to bail on Airplay and invest in a separate streamer. I am fairly new to all this.

Neil, I just played Roon from my MacBook Pro to my LG TV with AirPlay (direct to the TV, not via an AppleTV device). Same setup as you I believe with AirPlay set to my System Output of the MBP, no password needed and I am on 2.0 also.

How is AirPlay set up on your TV? Do you have One time, every time, or use password to connect to it?

Robert, I access Airplay via my fourth generation Apple TV connected to my av receiver. I don’t have a smart tv so accessing Airplay from the tv is not an option for me. Password requirements are turned off.

Neil, try the instructions in the following thread (if you haven’t already). Maybe you’ll be able to solve your problem; remember that you have Airplay related settings on the AppleTV, but also in the Home app (on one of your other Apple devices)

I managed to get things working as per the thread you sent. I had to turn on the ‘Require Password’ setting within the Airplay menu on the AppleTV. This is a six digit password vs the previous four. Not sure if this will cause hassles elsewhere down the line. We’ll see. Thx.

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