Airplay Sync Issues

Networking Gear & Setup Details:

Intel NUC i3 with 8 Gig RAM connected directly to Google Fiber router. 2-terabyte SSD with Library connected to NUC via USB.

Connected Audio Devices:

Cambridge Audio CXN-V2; Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC 200; three Sonos One speakers via Airplay.

Number of Tracks in Library: 50, 941

I have the CXN-V2 in a group with the Sonos speakers. I can stream from Live Radio stations with no issues but whenever I play an album in my Library (both via the drive or Tidal/Qobuz), the CXN-V2 gets out of sync with the three Sonos in the other rooms. Stopping and restarting fixes it for a time, but eventually, it gets out again. I can’t try Airplay using Tidal or Qobuz with all three via iPhone or iPad as neither will allow grouping the CXN-V2 with the other devices. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hey @Jim_White1,

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into delay issues with your CXN-V2. If possible, could you jot down the date and time the next time this happens, and share that info here?

Another thought in the meantime, you can adjust the Zone grouping delay in the advanced settings for the CXN-V2. Here is more info on this:

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for the info. The problem is that the CXN-V2 is behind rather than ahead of the rest of the zone, so setting a delay will only make it worse if I understand correctly how this works.

Hey @Jim_White1,

And as a test, if you tried settings up the delay on the sonos devices to sync with the CXN? Let me know if you’re able to share those timestamps as well :pray:

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