Airplay to two devices: out of sync

Hello, a question to the group.

I am playing Roon via Airplay to a Bang & Olufsen Airplay. When I group this stream with a Hegel H190 via Airplay, I noticed that things don’t always play in sync. Stopping and starting the music syncs things again, but after a while there is slight difference between the two.

Any suggestions how to solve this?

Hi @Cooper_Nalou,

You’ll want to go to Settings>Audio>Gear Symbol>Device Setup for the devices and make adjustments to Zone grouping delay in Advanced Settings. Adjust in small increments until playback is back in sync.

Hello Jamie,

thanks for getting back to me. I am not at home and will try later (during the weekend). However, when playing to this group, the sound usually starts in sync, and then the streams drift apart from each other. So you can start in perfect sync, and after an hour or so, notice that the streams are no longer playing in sync.

Will this be solved by adjusting the “Zone Grouping Delay”?


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