Airplay vs Chromecast as endpoints

My myriad B&O speakers in bedrooms and kitchen support both Airplay and Chromecast. Currently I have them all set only as Chromecast endpoints in Roon, with the Airplay for the same speaker disabled.

Is there any reason to choose one over the other for streaming from my Nucleus+ core?

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I’d say dont use Airplay as it only supports 16/48 as a maximum, I think. If you have any hires content then Chromecast will do better with it, up to 24/96.


Thanks @Tim_Rhodes

I did find one reason to use Airplay. You cannot create zones in the roon app for Chromecast devices. So if I wanted to group “on the fly” I’d have to use the Airplay endpoint for each speaker.

Else, I can still create zones in Google Home. It was bugging me that the zones feature was always greyed out. Now I know why.

I snap up Chromecast Audios whenever I see them on Craigslist. Secret weapon for setting up friends’ systems and tying things together.

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