Airplay vs. wired Ethernet

I can see the Marantz from the router AND get the IP address, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for: something that allows me to see and choose Ethernet from either the Marantz or Roon, so far without finding it.

I see the Marantz, however, in the setup page just as Christopher’s screen shot shows it, but no choices there.

Let me play with this tomorrow. All this has been helpful, and I’ll get back to the thread with what I’ve been able to work out.

Again, MANY thanks.

Cheers, Joe

Did you try the Fing app??..That will tell you if the Marantz is connected via Wifi or Ethernet via the Icon on the left hand side of its Name and IP Address

Were you able to enter the Marantz settings and turn off Wifi??

I did, Ronnie, and I like it. Fing is faster for identifying IP addresses than the browser router interface. I can also get the IP address directly from the setup of the Marantz, of course, and BTW the Marantz is setup to use the hard-wired Internet connection.

Also the iPad is setup to use AirPlay, but not the Marantz. I have a choice of selecting the Marantz or the iPad for AirPlay. I seem to have to select one or the other. That said, the screen that the Marantz displays on the TV seems to indicate that AirPlay is being used.

I’m using my main desktop Mac server for the Roon Core at the moment (I have a music server ordered and on the way) and my main problem is that the iPad can’t find the connection. I’m wondering if it isn’t the Energy Saver function in IOS X on my main Mac that’s giving me problems connecting. I’m going to check this out.

Also, I’m hoping to find out that I can stream higher quality audio than the CD standard 44.1/16 to the Marantz. I’m not sure at the moment how to check this out.

You guys have been very helpful. I’ll keep you posted if I work this out.

Cheers, Joe

Hi Joe
Could you post the following to help fill in some of the blanks

  1. Post a Screenshot of the Settings – Audio Tab so that we can see how the Marantz is presented on screen…I know you’ve described it above, but sometimes a picture paints a thousand words etc.

  2. If you have a high res Album in your library, could you play one of the tracks…then click on the Purple or Green “light” at the bottom of the Roon window, next to the name of the currently playing track

This will show the Audio Path…and should help to clarify what ‘quality’ stream Roon is feeding to the Marantz


OK, Ronnie, here’s the image. Let me know if you can’t see it OK.

Good tip on how to read the quality! I get a green dot and this signal path: The Source is an AIFF file 192Hz 24 bit 2ch; the Sample Rate is converted to 44.1 Hz and it is Truncated from 24 bits to 16 bits; the output is AirPlay streaming (presumably over the hard-wired Ethernet connection). Ugh. Not so good, but it seems to be a limitation of the Marantz, not Roon. When I get my new music server :grin:, this limitation should disappear. I count on it!

Cheers, Joe

As mentioned earlier, Airplay is limited to 16/44, whether via Wifi or Ethernet

But I would have thought that the Marantz was capable of at least 24/96 by Ethernet

Does the manual state the Specs…or does anyone else here know??

From your comment about about Airplay Streaming being used, then Roon doesn’t “know” that it can stream a higher quality to the Marantz via Ethernet…is there anything that can be changed in the Marantz’ settings to allow this??

Roon says it throttles back to 16/44.1 due to the requirements of Marantz. I’ll check this with Marantz, but I don’t see any flexibility in the settings. My guess is that Marantz was assuming that this would be used for Internet music providers with slower speeds. I guess. Airplay is old technology, and generally this Marantz is up-to-date.

Of course, digital is a fast-moving target. . . . For sure.

Again thanks for the help!

Cheers, Joe

It is not as much Marantz as it is the Airplay protocol, which is limited by design – all traffic is ALAC 44.1/16.

The Airplay limitation has already been mentioned several times above…but the remaining question is whether the Ethernet Connection on the Marantz is limited to Airplay…or if that limitation applies to its Wifi connection ONLY??

The Airplay protocol itself is limited, regardless of connection capabilities (Wifi or Wired). If Marantz were to use RAAT or different protocols, this limitation could be lifted – but not with Airplay.

Understood Rene, but are you saying that you are 100% sure that the Ethernet connection on the Marantz in limited to Airplay…especially when there are many Ethernet devices [pre-RAAT] which are not limited

Sounds interesting. Which way did these devices go? How did they connect to roon?

I wouldn’t know if Marantz supports different protocols (DLNA/UPNP, MPD, etc.). The capabilities of ethernet (and good Wifi environments) surpass the limitations of Airplay for sure, but I don’t think Marantz offers support for other streaming protocols.

Squeezbox and Meridian to name but two…but there are several others as well

And where did I mention that they could be used with Roon??

I’m merely asking the simple question…does anyone here KNOW if the Marantz Ethernet connection is limited to Airplay protocols only??..[KNOW, not guesses…as the evidence from the user above points to Airplay only being possible, even when the Ethernet connection is being used]

First, my problem with the Roon remote seems to have been the Energy Saver setting. When I changed that, the Roon remote picked up my wireless network with no problem. This problem had nothing to do with Airplay.

On the other hand, Marantz tech services says the AV PrePro AV8802A only supports Airplay over the Internet connection, and that as has been often correctly said in this thread, is limited to 44.1/16 bit quality. That is a shame given services like Tidal AND/OR in my case connecting into the Marantz through hard-wired Ethernet from another room

However, he says the USB port using a USB stick will support up to 192/24 bit quality, something I have not yet tested. Ditto for Bluetooth from an iPad for example, which sounds a little more dubious, and which I have not tested yet either.

Of course it’s possible to connect a computer directly to the Marantz through a device that conditions the USB signal–since USB is REALLY not designed for high-quality music. Such a device would be, for example, the Alpha USB from Berkeley Audio Design. The Marantz could handle the DAC chores for up to a 192/24 bit stream Marantz tech support says, but an even better choice would be to pass the Alpha USB digital stream to a high quality DAC such as the Alpha DAC Series 2 (or for those with DEEP pockets) through the Alpha DAC Reference Series or some other high-quality DAC.

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies, guys. I think I even learned something!

Cheers, Joe

Look at the Sonore products…these may offer something that you can then input into the Marantz…which I assume will accept up to 24/192 via its SPDIF Coax Inputs??

Well, strange that the Marantz tech services explain that only Airplay is supported.
I am using a Marantz receiver (NR1504) and yes, I’m having the airplay limitation problem streaming only with 44.1/16 bit quality when using Roon software.

But I also have a Plex mediaserver running in the network (on the same physical device as the Roon core is running) and with Plex I am able to stream my high resolution files with 192/24 bit over the network and in this case the airplay protocol is not used.

So, how are the tech guys from Marantz or the guys from Roon going to explain this? I am able to stream my highres files with a free piece of media software and the well paid roon software is not capable of doing so? Why?

And while I’m sending this post and reading more about what is supported I read a roon post on thread Roon Initial Setup explaining the following:

What??? Not supporting DLNA/uPnP ?! Why !?

Because Roon is in the business of delivering a high-quality audiophile experience, and DLNA/uPnP ain’t that. See

You can read more about RAAT here. Sometimes in order to do something right you have to give up compatibility with legacy devices or protocols.

Get a use Mac min or Mac air and connect it to a DAC vis USB and use your iPad as the remote. You will get bit-perfect sound through your Marantz