Airplay with Sonos One - No Sound

The Sonos One is displayed under Airplay and I can select it, but there is no sound from the speaker. What can I do?


What is the volume set at in Room and on the Sonos?

I have tested various volume, I think that is not the problem.
The stream is not started, timecode is only 0:00 and does not

Hello @ascot,

The reason you are now seeing the Sonos One in the Airplay menu is because of the recent update that released Airplay 2 support for certain Sonos products. At this time, Roon does not support Airplay 2 playback. While most Airplay 2 products are backwards compatible with the original Airplay protocol, some devices like the Sonos One only implement Airplay 2 support.


Hi John,

the support of airplay 2 will come for sure?


At the moment, we haven’t announced any public plans regarding Airplay 2.

then I must to sell the “sonos one” again. For roon, the sonos are useless because not operable by the box. (Play, pause… lost control)

I have 2 Home Pod’s paired with Airplay 2, that I can only play paired by streaming from IOS on I Phone.
I would appreciate Roon updating to full Airplay 2 in the future


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