Akasa need to turn off turbo boost in bios

I am looking to re build my rock Nuc12wshi7 to an Akasa fanless case (either newton, Plato or Turing). Akasa support requires turning off turbo boost in bios.
So will this alteration in bios negatively affect rock? With an i7 chip and 32gb ram any guess on performance issues? Anything I am missing? Any recommendation on which Akasa case to choose for max heat dissipation?

Is not an officially supported environment for ROCK, FYI. Your future support issues should then be placed in Tinkering. If you want to use an officially supported environment then use the Akasa case with Linux or Windows and run that OS’s RoonServer.

I am an Akasa Turing user, on gen8 (i7-8559U), 32gb ram. I am just using this PC (win 11) as a Roon Core in my network. I have >650k files.

Not sure if I disabled boost…but it can limit you in case of importing files to Roon, because CPU will go to lower freq in every conditions than in the case of boost. I tried it run fanless but during opening Roon, creating backup or heavy working on database (like adding for whole day many files with analysis in background) my Akasa was getting hot. Akasa case have limited heat disspitation, so If your CPU will generate it it will have it…

I don’t have direct answer, just my history. I got few times shutdowns due to high temperature that caused few times annoying message in bios after restart that I ought to confirm everytime…So my Roon didn’t restarted (for that one you put Roon in autostart btw) and it was annoying when I wanted just start music from smartphone and rest. I am a simple man of simple solutions. I bought 120mm Bequiet fan (or you can look for any other very silent and efficient one) then I found an old usb phone charger with similar voltage, and by redoing connection I just put fan on the top of Akasa. It is not a fanless, but fan speed is constant and very low. The noise is not noticable (similar to ambient) and in my case, at the end, it doesnt matter coz I have it in other room. In my living room akasa wasnt the most beautiful thing to have (waf). Now I run it constanty since 16.06.2023 (windows update), only restarting Roon for updates. Case is about 30C outside, on cores 40-70C (acc. to CPUID HWMonitor), power about 40-60W - but these values are not precise.
It is my history :slight_smile:

Thanks, perhaps I will not go fanless. I had assumed that if the hardware was all the same and the environment was the only thing different (and cooler than the nuc case with a fan) that it would still be supported.

Thanks for the details!

You don’t need all the power a 12th gen i7 produces. You could turn off turbo boost and still have way more power than a Nucleus+. I have the boost turned off on my 7th gen i7 NUC and I don’t come close to using that machine to its fullest extent.

I’ve had a NUC 7i5 in an Akasa case for a few years now and it runs cool and flawless. Forgot to do anything with the bios after transferring it from the original enclosure. The 5 is the sweet spot imo, less energy use than 7 but more powerful than a 3.

What, really, since when, first time I see this mentioned. It’s never even asked in support cases. Why would a supported NUC version in a fanless case not be supported? It’s just a NUC and wouldn’t cause any Roon software issues whatsoever that a stock case wouldn’t have.

It’s because ROCK installs a version of Roon OS that is designed for a standard Intel NUC with fan, there is none of the thermal management software that is included in Roon OS for the Nucleus. So, officially, ROCK is fully supported on standard Intel NUC models.

That said, many of us, myself included, like living dangerously and transplant the NUC motherboard into fanless cases. But it is, officially, an AYOR move…

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But that’s up to the case then to provide sufficient cooling (not much different to a dusty fan in fact. My fanless case is never warmer than handwarm). It would seem harsh to say that a user can’t post in #support if there is a software bug that has nothing to do with that, like Rugby did. I’d understand it for anything that is related to heat management / stability on load, but that should be the only cases.

And the ROCK page should clearly state this if Roon really has the opinion that I can’t report and get support for obvious software bugs in #support just because the case is fanless

There is a bit of smoke and mirrors going on. A supported NUC remains so even if it is transplanted into a new case. So long as you meet the case manufacturers requirements with regards to bios settings and ventilation I can’t see how Roon could simply deny support. And I don’t actually remember ever seeing them do that. When I first employed a fanless case it was before ROCK was launched. The board was eventually supported in ROCK but was OEM and came without a case! I added the Akasa case and used the time before ROCK to monitor temps closely through Windows.
When I upgraded that board to a later supported model I turned off the Turbo function because it was an i7 and I don’t actually need i7 power. 14000 tracks and only the occasional urge to upsample. Two endpoints and ARC.

Exactly. Therefore I was surprised by the sudden “Your future support issues should then be placed in Tinkering.”