AKM fire puts production off the air

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Very sad troublesome news… :frowning:

A lot of manufactures out there will probably have stocks for chips they have been using for some time, but others with newer chips in the works might be caught out leaving some redesign in the works in case things dont get back to normal I suppose.

@wklie Peter what is the Lumin take on this (I know you guys are ESS now) but given a situation like this what would you think some of your competitors might be faced with.

FiiO is one that uses AKM chips. Emotiva is another. at least brands I know of.

AKM made massive strides in recent years to gain the ascendency over their rivals. This will be hugely damaging to their new found reputation. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I feel sorry about them.

I’m not involved in parts procurement, but I imagine audiophile devices that are relatively high price - low volume should not be affected in the immediate term, until their current stock runs out.

I have a suspicion that AV receivers using AKM chips are more affected than audiophile DAC. In conjunction with the new prevalent HDMI 2.1 hardware bug, I’m afraid this may be a difficult year for them. I have thought about buying a new AV receiver, but with the HDMI 2.1 hardware bug I’ll have to wait for another year or more.

clearly those with a lot of JIT assembly and procurements will need to act quickly.

I have a feeling that Merging used AKM chips on their legacy ADC cards (DACs are ESS); not sure if the new ADC cards also use AKM. But I could be wrong: full specs are hard to come by.


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The RME-ADI2 DAC devices also use AKM I believe.

I believe MiniDSP uses AKM AD and DA in many of their models, the SHD being one of them.

Thanks. Ironically, not stated on the card spec page :roll_eyes: