ALAC 96kHz and Airplay

I have discovered that all ALAC 96kHz 16bit files won’t play via Airplay.
The Airplay devices are Apple Airports. The Roon server application is running on an iMac Retina.

Hi Arie,

I understand AirPlay only supports 44.1 kHz (or 48 kHz on Apple TV). It’s a limitation of AirPlay, not Roon.

The don’t play at all, or don’t play at 96kHz? They should be resampled by Roon.

This format doesn’t play at all. Other ALAC files (lower sample rate) do.
When I click the colored bullet next to the title below, the Signal Chain appears.
It says:

  • Source
  • ALAC 96kHz 16bit 2ch
  • Sample Rate Conversion
  • 96kHz to 44.1kHz
  • Output
  • Airplay Streaming

One would expect Roon handles this format.
I only hear one click on the Airplay’s output, but the tracks stays at 0:00.

Hi @Arie_van_Boxel – we’re going to do some testing to see if this is a bug that can be reproduced internally, then @vova or myself will be in touch.

Can you let us know which model of Airport you’re using?

I am using an Airport Express 2nd generation (A1392). It’s optical output feeds an Audioengine DAC.

We have reproduced this, so it looks like a bug. Good catch @Arie_van_Boxel!

Our next release is already in testing, so a fix for this issue isn’t likely to make it in, but we’ll look into this and follow up here once the fix is live. Sorry for the trouble!