Alan Parsons Project - I Robot

Has anyone compared the 2012 Acoustic Sounds DSD version of I Robot to the high-resolution release that just came out this weekend (8 July 2017)?

I noticed Tidal has two versions now and one of them is quieter and better quality than the other but I think the “bad” one is the 2007 version with “extra tracks” that succumbed to the loudness war.

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I have the DSD version but I do not have the new one. I might if I get it, it is on my birthday wishlist. If I do, then I will post a comparison.

Thanks, how do you like the DSD version?

I like it. I’m still hoping for a tales of mystery and imagination in HD.

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Definitely! That’s my favorite Alan Parsons Project album.

You are aware that Tales of Mystery and Imagination had a Pure Audio Blu Ray release?



I bought the BluRay Audio only disc from the Alan Parsons website when it came out, not the big deluxe box.

I wish they had it in DVD-A so I can rip to high-res FLAC and add to my Roon core and DAP.


Classic HDAD actually produced three Alan Parsons Project DVD-Audio discs. They were double sided: 24/96 & 24/192. I bought these in around 2004/2005:

I Robot, Eye In the Sky, and The Turn of a Friendly Card in DVD-A. They were like $29.99 each when I bought them.

You can find them on amazon and ebay at crazy high exorbitant prices!

On HDAD, only the 24/192 side is DVD-A. The other side is bog standard DVD-V, which almost secretly supported two channel 24/96 from the get go. Some feel that was a sorely missed opportunity, that DVD-V could have and should have been the high res audio disc format, taking advantage of DVD player mainstream market penetration while still satisfying most audiophile niche concerns.