Alarm Clock Airplay speaker - A Possible End Point?

Hey guys, I’ve recently installed Roon and am also in the process of getting a new bedside alarm clock. I noticed this on Amazon and was wondering if anyone thought it would be a possible end point for Roon?
GGMM® E3 Airplay Speaker

Please let me know if anyone thhinks it will/wont work - could represent great value.
Many thanks in advance

Says AirPlay in the title but I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else. Seems like it might need another device or computer to send to it, using their app?

Looks nice but my hunch is it’s a bit over complicated for an alarm clock.

Thanks Steve - you are probably right. If you happen to know of anything that would serve the purpose please do let me know, and thanks again for taking the time to review it.

I often think about adding an AirPlay alarm clock type speaker.

I just never ended up finding one that was decent - i.e. affordable, and with good sound, good looks, and good functionality. I know, I don’t want much. Ended up having a normal ‘old school’ alarm clock with practical buttons, and a separate music speaker based on a pi.

Yes you would think it couldnt be too difficult. I have an old Squeezebox radio that I will probably end up moving into the bedroom as this will probably do the job but a shame something with a little more quality doesnt exist.

It is a weird gap in the market, the streaming alarm clock makes sense. Integrate it with your phone, like an apple watch, or whatever.

So many little screen around the place nowadays but whenever you see a music device with a screen it’s typically a tiny little thing - even so called alarm clocks often have centimetre high letters that don’t read easily with early morning eyes.

The Squeezebox Classic had a really LCD display but since then nothing seems to have bothered. The new Amazon stuff is recognising the benefit though I guess, I don’t want Amazon microphones in my bedroom though.