Album and Artist Artwork does not show

Roon Core Machine

My Core is a Roon Nucleus.
Remotes: iMac, iPhone 13, iPad Pro (All current Apple iOS)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio MagicDac.
My audio system is multi-room, multi-zone.
Controller is a Nexus Renaissance Model C-612
Devices are connected with HDMI cable.

Number of Tracks in Library

13,500 tracks.

Description of Issue

After last Roon software update 95% of artwork for albums and artists disappeared. Does not impact music playback or other Roon software features like Search.

I’m suffering the same issue since the latest update (build 936). It seems to be getting worse as the artwork gradually loaded for the first couple of days but today I have no artwork at all. App has been open for 3 hours.
Roon Nucleus with iPhone and iMac, same issue on both.

On my iMac, artwork has just appeared on the top 7 rows (63 albums) and on the now playing screen. The album that is playing is not one of the albums with artwork in the album library.
No artwork on iPhone.

Next track on the same album has no artwork?
2 further rows in the album library now have artwork.

Paul, I just opened Roon app on my iMac. All the the artwork now appears. I haven’t done anything different and there hasn’t been an update. ?? Maybe someone at Roon Support fixed the problem.


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Thanks Steve.

I notice there is a message about a fix which can take up to 72 hours. Hopefully I will see something happening soon.


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Hi @Paul_Lumsden,

Welcome to Community! It’s more than likely the artwork problem you’re experiencing is related to a known issue we’ve resolved. Due to image data caching, however, the artwork may take another two or three days to load properly. Please let me know if you continue experience this behavior after that window. Thank you for your patience!

@Steve_Sennewald, we’re glad the issue has cleared up on your end. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Hi Connor.

I am still experiencing the same issues, albeit with slight improvements.
There is more artwork in Library on the iMac, but still in bands and only approximately 10% of library at best. ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Queue’ are intermittent on iMac and iPhone.
Now Playing can show art that is not available in the Library or the Queue, or Queue will show art that is not on the other two. This can change from track to track, or in the case of the iPhone I can have the same track playing, the screen goes to sleep, then upon awakening, artwork is missing. This happens in Queue and Library.
Library on iPhone only ever shows the first 20 albums at the top.
iMac, iPhone and Nucleus are all on build 943.


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All artwork is now showing. Maybe just took a little longer to reach New Zealand.

Hi @Paul_Lumsden,

I also responded via PM since we weren’t able to circle back on your issue prior to the weekend, but I’m glad to see your report that artwork is now loading. It’s likely that the caching took the full 72 hours to refresh in your particular case.

Please do start a new thread if anything comes up, and my team will be standing by to support.