Album appears twice

I ripped some new albums. These new albums are now displayed twice.
It has something to do with this HOTA. But I do not know what to do. Can someone help me?

It looks like Roon was unable to correctly identify the album. Can you confirm how many tracks across both? Are they duplicated?

Sometimes I would suggest a merge but in this instance I think your metadata has gone awry. How did you rip and tag the album? Do you want the album correctly identified as Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman or C - Tracy Chapman [1988] - Tracy Chapman?

Finally, what are your import settings, prefer Roon or prefer file?

What were you using to do the rips? Two reasons:
You are reading and reporting the HTOA of one rip.
It also looks like you are creating some different type of metadata. Hard to tell if that is anything more than just the Title differences.
It seems you could just delete the HTOA if it’s just an empty track and the rest of your album is written correctly. Does the Little Feat rip also do the same thing?

Hi @Max_Berlix,

Are you seeing this with all albums or just some? Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Can you also share a screenshot of both Tracy Chapman albums?

I ripped the CD with cueripper. I used the tags from the cueripper database.

The album should be identified as Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman.

I have three albums with HTOA, in all three the HTOA is displayed as a separate album.

The problem only appears on albums that have a HTOA. Sorry for misspelling it btw.

I could just delete the HOTA-File, but I think you need it to burn the CD back to its original state.

The problem only appears on albums that have a HTOA.

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Hi @Max_Berlix,

It looks like these Roon is unable to properly identify these HTOA files and place them in the same album as the identified content. For now, you can either hide these extra albums or merge them with the main album that is identified.

Both methods work. Thanks guys for the support.
Kinda glad.

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