Album art in multiple disc albums

Another wish: I have a number of multi disc albums, and each of the discs have their own album artwork. However, at present only the artwork of one of the discs(the one picked for the album, and I don’t know this is chosen by the way) will show when playing any of the discs. It would be nice if the artwork of the current disc playing would be displayed.


+1 obviously. I requested this over 3 years ago:

and there have since been multiple threads and requests on the topic. I don’t know where the Roon team stand on this, as I haven’t seen any responses from them on it.

This has to happen now, grouping the 18CD Mode box set with only the box cover art is silly. I want the individual covers while browsing the disks, without un-grouping the complete box.

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It’s not going to happen now but it might happen in the future, maybe, possibly, at some future undefined time.

Will it happen in 1.8?

Apparently not. Unbelievable that this simple thing can not be fixed! Otherwise 1.8 is great, but this is one obvious weakness.

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