Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

Roon 1.2 has just gone live and it’s great. And, as the team say - “Enjoy Roon 1.2, and remember, we’re just getting started”. That is what I like to hear.

In this vein, and following on from the last thread for feature requests for version 1.2 (which has now been closed with the release of 1.2), I thought it would be helpful to start up the next thread for version 1.3. Early days I know, and I’m not looking to detract from the recent great release, but in the spirit of continual improvement, here we go!

Top priorities for Roon version 1.3:

  1. Full metadata editing - opening up the database for full user editing and not relying solely on the scraped information. This would include things like adding entries, creating links, editing artist names, grouping artists together who have been split, adding extra reviews, etc etc. Also allow disc naming rather than just numbering.

  2. Full album art / liner notes integration - as discussed at length elsewhere, this would be fantastic. In my view the most important addition would be to be able to view the rear album art (which lists the tracks; as opposed to the front which is what we currently see). But then also adding the booklet/liner notes/gatefold sleeve/media image etc etc.
    EDIT - as covered in another thread, it would not fall to the Roon team to source these (though that would be great if possible) - it would be up to the user to add their scanned/downloaded artwork.

  3. Better grouping functionality on the artist page - allow the user to group the artist’s entries into albums, singles & EPs, compilations, bootlegs etc. This already exists but to a limited extent.

  4. Better box set handling - allow the user to group together items which form a “box set”. Allow a main cover to be assigned to the box set, though when clicking on the individual items in that box set, allow individual covers also.

  5. Ability to group items that belong in some kind of series - this would apply mainly to compilations; for example, I have around 15 Cafe Del Mar compilations; would be great to be able to group these together as one item under the Roon albums, which when clicked on opens up the page for that series. The user could add a description for that series, and when clicking on an item in the series, it would open that item’s page as usual.


That’s a great list EC and it’s exactly the area slated for next intensive attention. It will be interesting to look back on it and see how much was able to be implemented.

  1. I want custom tags to be truelly relational. Filter artists by tags applied to albums would help us guys with large collections.
  2. DSP support added to roonbridge on OSX and Windows.
  3. Hopefully playback on iOS
  4. Remote sync and playback. I want to specify certain albums to take with me on my laptop and be able to play them without being connected to my main library. This feature should then trickle down to iOS and Android.
  5. An automated backup system of some sort.
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Agree with the Boxset organizing. Example, with the elvis presley complete masters, that’s 30 cds! they are all clumped under the boxset, as it should, but have, or allow labels for each cd; instead of disc 1 disc 2 disc 3, etc… label with the disc’s title - 1969, 1970, 1971 etc.


I didn’t do very well in 1.2, do here’s hoping 1.3 will give -

1: No white on black text in “Light Theme”

2: Make Radio algorithm (much ) better, it really is not fully fit for purpose at the moment.

3: Improve sound normalisation process. It does not work as well as dbpoweramp replay gain tags through SBT or asset as a DNLA source.



Surround Sound support please !!!


Support for connecting out of my local network is a huge thing for me. I know I can set up a VPN etc. but this is a kludge solution.

  1. Alarm
  2. QNAP package
  3. Surround Sound
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And option for non-destructive / Squeezebox / iPeng like queue behavior!


[quote=“Sloop_John_B, post:5, topic:9534”]
2: Make Radio algorithm (much ) better, it really is not fully fit for purpose at the moment.
[/quote]if I may ask, what’s lacking in it today? I’ve seen may comments that it’s too narrow iro selection, is that the nub of the issue?

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[quote=“DrTone, post:3, topic:9534”]
2) DSP support added to roonbridge on OSX and Windows.
[/quote]…and Linux.

Audio Unit and VST support on OSX and VST support on windows. What’s the equivalent on Linux?

You are relentless. Glad you are not looking for anything from me. :smiley:

It seems the same as ever. Radio after a Tame Impala sing first off with a … Tame Impala song, then a selection from the same 4-5 albums and the Tom Waits VA and Sun collections that always show up.


Main problem of the radio algorithm, is that it always starts with the same artists. In my case: Alt-J, Feist and the Pogues for example have played over 500 times, and I have hardly never chosen them myself. For some reason Radio chooses always to start with them. Probably there is something in the algorithm looking within the tags to the popularity of a song ( wich is a self fulfilling prophecy)

Is there a way to reset the songs-play counter? This is a way which can solve my current problem.

On topic again:

I would like to prioritize the radio algorithm in 1.3; with the possibility to adapt to my mood and to play more known or to play more unknown ( tidal) tracks

How many albums in your library? I find Roon gives me a pretty good variety, but my library is on the large side.

2400 albums and more than enough not to keep coming back to the same albums time after time.

Perhaps it’s a feature of how we use Radio, I will click the thumbs up and down to create a playlist of a certain duration rather than let Radio off in the background, which do you use?


Really enjoying Roon and congratulations with another milestone in v1.2.

Just adding my top wishes for the road ahead:

  • Full metadata editing (including merging of artist to compensate for metadata errors)
  • Ability to lock editing and library management (so I can let the whole family use Room without fear of them editing, deleting or modifying my music library)
  • iOS playback
  • iOS offline mode (ability to store selected albums for offline use). Take a look at how Tidal handles this in their iOS app.
  • Ability to hide albums in Tidal from an artist. (because sometime Tidal lists albums already in your collection or different versions of albums you have but have no interest in)
  • Better profile support for family members (for instance see only a fraction of the library)

Ordinarily I’ll seed it with an album or a song I’m in the mood for and let it take over from there. Much, much larger selection to choose from though, so that may be a factor, dunno?

Err…how large? :dizzy_face: