Questions about used file tags and artwork

Hi - new to Roon since yesterday and considering moving my music library, consisting of about 2500+ albums, from an Aurender server (which earlier replaced a Slimdevices Transporter library).

After importing my music library most looks quite ok, but i wonder why only the front cover of my albums show up. Is there any way to see the beck cover as well? I have most artwork for albums scanned as front.jpg and back.jpg in the album folders.

Second question is regarding file tags used by Roon. Is there any documentation available about what file tags that are actually used by Roon? Is for example ARTISTSORT used?

Anyway, thanks for the good work. Looks really promising! :slight_smile:

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Hi Christian,

Welcome to the Roon community! I think you’ll find people very helpful here.

I will address your first question regarding album art. There is currently no way to show the back cover - or any other covers such as liner notes or other images. There has been some discontent about this, as many users purchased Roon due to this selling point, as quoted from Roon - “The era of the LP and its gatefold sleeves filled with incredible imagery is in the past. But the images are not. Roon puts them all at your fingertips again.” This text has now been removed from the main Roon site, and replaced with an image contrasting a colourful LP gatefold sleeve with a boring file browser window - so the meaning is still the same.

HOWEVER - there have been many requests for this feature (such as from @timlumley and many from myself :D) and I believe that it is on the roadmap, i.e. the possibility should be added in a future release. I am hoping that it might be the next release but we’ve had no confirmation of when.

There are a few other threads where you can read more about this issue and which you may want to contribute to; in order of size:

It’s also on my Top Priorities list for the next version:


Excellent - thanks for the reply!

I understand that this has been asked before, but a quick search didn’t reveal anything of use (I probably used incorrect search terms…).

Just to be clear - I can definitely accept that a nice piece of software lack some features, but the key to success is rather quality/stability, continuous development/release cycle and how responsive they are to customer requests and transparency/visibility of the product roadmap.

Roon, really doesn’t use your tags for anything except maybe to help match with their meta data source. The exception being Genre and unmatched albums. In fact you don’t really need tags at all if you use good file and folder naming standards.

You do have the option to override track names and a few other things with your tagged values but that’s done on an album by album basis not by default.

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Ok, that explains it - useful information! The problem is that I have a number of albums showing up in Roon where for example the track titles are either misspelled or where every word in the title is capitalized (which shouldn’t normally be done in Swedish). I have been working very hard ripping and tagging all my music to get it in perfect shape, but to use my own tags I have to go through all albums one by one and instruct Roon to use my own tags instead of Roons meta data source?

I also have an issue with artist sorting. For example the artist Cajsa Stina Åkerström is sorted under A instead of Å which should come after Z according to Swedish language sorting rules. Have I missed something?

You can select all your albums at once and change all of them to use your track names if you want. Once you have your albums selected click the edit button at the top right. Choose the metadata preferences tab. Click on prefer file for “Track’s Title”.

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Great, thanks!

Hi Christian,
Roon allows flexibility in how the Artist view is sorted.
click the icon with multiple horizontal bars (top left of every view)
Settings / General / Artist Sorted By:
select “First Name” from the drop down


Hi Jeff

Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen and tested the different options, but storting on first rather than last name will just move the problem since I have artists like Åsa Jinder in My collection :cry:

Maybe this is a bug that should be reported? Does anyone know if the software should support locale/language settings for sorting?