Album sleeve liner notes on Roon

One thing I’d like to be able to do is store sleeve notes for an album (PDFs preferably) and read them whilst either browsing or listening to music. Could this be possible with Roon?


It’s on our roadmap. PDF support has been asked for a few times.

Any plans on Roon providing liner notes natively within the app?


@audiomuze, would you want anything more than pdf browsing inapp?

Guess it makes no difference whether it’s PDF or stored in another form, except PDF can be a pain to browse. How are lyrics currently stored, could liner notes be stored same way?

PDF and jpeg. The earlier part of my digital collection has liner notes scanned and stored as individual jpegs in ‘covers’ or ‘scans’ subfolders. Also, please note that file names for pdf booklets available from online stores I mostly use (like eclassical) are just codenumbers that have nothing to do with the actual album title or artist name. So I hope the future Roon release would associate them with albums by just being located in the same folder.

I would take line notes in any form if it is attached to album. This would truly put Roon over the top and make the steep cost of entry seem not so steep at all.


Is there any chance that in the future, Roon will also provide the CD liner information? The current info that Roon pulls in on artists, etc. is great. But here’s my Holy Grail: I’m sitting in front of my main stereo rig (Meridian G68 processor fed by an Apple Mac Mini, Musical Fidelity power amp feeding Magneplanar 1.6’s) using my iPad to control Roon on the Mac Mini and being able to read the liner notes ON MY iPAD while listening to John Gardiner and the Montiverdi Choir play Bach’s Cantata No. 127. This feature would be . . . incredible, and I’ve never heard of someone even trying this. But Roon seems capable of it, if you can get the liner notes in PDF form (some are available - for example, Hyperion has its CD booklets in PDF form that you can download when you download tracks/albums from their store). There are probably a lot that aren’t, but again, I could imagine a compulsive classical-music owner (or jazz or pop music owner!) scanning her unavailable CD booklets for local use with Roon - which you could then ask to use for some quid-pro-quo.

John Colombo

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Hi @jdcolombo, I moved your post into this existing topic, it’s not too long have read from the top down, I think it answers some of your questions.

There might be other discussions on this as well try using the forum’s search facility to find them.

I would like to add that as well as PDF, other liner notes formats should be supported - for me, a minority are in PDF format but most are stored as individual JPG files for each page.

Seeing .txt files & MS Word files would be great too.

I think your post is the heart of the matter. Liner notes provided by Roon rather that mere PDF support for users to scan liner note themselves. For collectors with substantial numbers of CD’s time would be prohibitive. I would like to hear from Roon if there is any plans for this. :sunglasses:

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Some kind of combination of scraped liner notes by Roon and also the ability to display the users liner notes (in whichever format).

Also, some way to easily see the “comments” metadata field would be good.

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+1 for additional album sleeve artwork and notes. :smile: I am not fussy on format but currently have embedded CD inlay / vinyl inner sleeve and label artwork as jpegs and pngs saved from Discogs. It would be great to be able to browse through this whilst listening.

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I think crowd sourcing these once cloud syncing is running is the way to go. It will save a lot of us an awful lot of scanning.


Good idea @Dpstjp, although taking Discogs as an example, some of the crowd-sourced entries can be pretty awful. It’s constantly being updated but at worst images are crappy phone photos of a CD inlay lying on someone’s bedspread. That’s rare, and most items are good quality scans, but it shows how difficult it could be to maintain the quality standards for Roon’s gorgeous interface.

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