Incorporation of Album Liners from Downloads

JRemote has an “asset” button that allows the end-user to read the PDF that is in the file containing the album that is playing. While I understand that Roon gives the end-user plenty of access to information about the artist, selection, etc I would still like to be able to access, from within Roon, the PDF liner that is included in the download if available as JRemote allows.


+1 here for the same feature…
I would like to be able to see my PDFs files displayed in Roon, as I now have quite a few digital downloads containing digital liner notes. Does Roon have this on their feature roadmap by any chance?

Yes, this is definitely needed. All the classical downloads I buy have full liner notes, sometimes more than 100 pages. Roon is blind to them.

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+1 for the same feature…

I’ve been banging on about this for a while. From what I can see, it is on the roadmap but has not been a priority recently due to the current focus on the playback chain.

Definitely +1 for this suggestion. I have the utmost respect for the software and the developers, including their hands-on approach with feedback and forum activity. But this is one aspect that I have been a bit disappointed in - particularly as Roon advertises itself by saying:

The era of the LP and its gatefold sleeves filled with incredible imagery is in the past. But the images are not. Roon puts them all at your fingertips again.

No it doesn’t. At least not yet. Yes you get a picture of the artist and the album cover - but that’s not exactly the incredible imagery of the record sleeves or liner notes now is it?

One of my current top feature requests for sure.

The lack is all the more strange considering that downloads (an important medium for many Roon users) often come with them as PDFs. No work to be done by the user.

+1 … even if we had to manually upload/add our existing PDFs, that would be cool with me.

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I wonder if any of the Roon people are watching this thread. I would think it would be relatively easy to implement.

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