Display cdart when playing music

I think a great feature would be for roon to support cdart. I have this enabled when playing music from my Kodi server on the TV and the results a visually very cool. All you have to do is put the image file of the cd called cdart.png (there are whole sites devoted to cdart images) in the directory of the album and the software picks it up. When the music is playing a spinning disc of the actual CD shows, on my vinyl rips I just put in a record image and I have a spinning record.

Here are some examples of using cdart to show the spinning CD when playing music.

I don’t know about cdart, but I like the idea of seeing the spinning disc. I certainly have images of the disc for most of my albums, stored as “cd.jpg”.

I think this is maybe part of a larger discussion of having Roon display more of the album artwork:

etc etc :slight_smile:

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A better now playing screen of some sort is definitely needed. There is nothing special about Roon’s now playing screen. there should something that stands out from the common now playing screens from the various streaming services. It boring.

your right it doesn’t have to be cdart, cd.jpg or png would be just fine, it’s the spinning disc that I think is cool. cdart is just one that you can do a search on and find thousands of predone images of the actual CD.

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I’d quite like to have the option of Roon switching to the ‘now playing’ screen if it hasn’t been used for a certain amount of time.

I very rarely chose to display it, but I do quite like it, so wished it just came up by itself even on the iPad.

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The now playing screen is absolutely fine, IMO.

The problem is there is no way of making it come up automatically, nor is it really a proper screen-saver (like for example the (admittedly simpler) Apple TV one is).

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As I’ve said in my previous posts on this topic, it’s one of the reasons I signed up to Roon.

Could we possible have a comment from either @brian , @mike or @danny about this as they have been very quiet on this feature despite quite a few of us requesting it.

Many thanks.



Ssssshhhhhhhhhh, let them code :wink: I’m sure they’re busy with a few minor things like wrapping up RoonSpeXXXXX, incorporating MQA, designing a room correction system, and working through the hundreds of feature requests already put out there by the community…

:smile: :smile: :sunny:

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How many RPM would you like the discs to spin at? 480-210 RPM like the original CDs; or 5400 or 7200 RPM depending upon your hard drive?

Those with SSDs can show off by having 0 RPM. :grin:

Discs if the original is in redbook format, spinning vinyl if it is a vinyl rip, and something else if it is a high res digital download. MP3s could have a old churning tape or something.