Album art - rear and other

Is Roon able to show the rear album art, as well as the front? I have spent a lot of time getting the rear album art scans and feel that it adds a lot to the “experience”, which is keeping with Roon’s ethos I would have thought.

Also, what about other scanned artwork that users might have, such as the booklet and things. I used to have a plugin for Foobar that would show all the album art in the album’s directory in a separate window.

Thanks :smiley:

This is all in our roadmap for the future. We want the experience of using Roon to be as engaging as looking through your physical media (hopefully more so :smile:). Unfortunately this feature didn’t make it into 1.0 but you can expect it in a future release!

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That is good to hear, and thanks for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

I also have several PDF files that contain release notes and relevant information that JRiver simply ignores. Pulling in this in addition to other online graphical content related to the Artist/Album would be great and could provide a wonderful viewing environment. As the OP suggests, the inner art and back covers are super important, but most solutions only focus on the front.