Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

Even the devs describe @evand 's collection as large. Mine is small but perfectly formed.

My holdover priorities:

  1. Improvement to RADIO- including, but not limited to: selective continuum ranging from “artist only” to “most discovery” as well as inclusion of Tidal tracks/albums/artists not currently saved to provide ultimate music discovery experience.
  2. Internet Radio Tune-in, Pandora- searchable by genre, location and bitrate
  3. Cloud based backup.

Thanks! Keep up the great work.


My continued wishes:

  1. Improved local radio algorithm. Options to choose to play randomly within entire library, or certain genre´s. Including (or not including) Tidal if possible.
  2. Spotify integration. There is quite some tracks it has, that tidal doesn´t. Or at least, that´s my experience for what I listen to.
  3. Roon/Devialet to work together to fix the issue with exclusive mode not working with Devialet AIR.
  4. Devialet as a Roon endpoint. But that´s one for Devialet to take up :slight_smile:

What do you guys mean by backup? What would that feature do?

Hi Gabriel,

In this context backup of the Roon database to the Cloud.

Incidentally for those who find Radio (Swim) repeatedly returning to a particular album, try banning the album (toggle heart twice). I’ve started doing that and am getting better variety. No substitute for a better algorithim that takes proper notice of prior history but a useful workaround.

I’d like to see in v1.3, the ability to turn volume levelling on and off via the ‘signal path’ purple/green light icon.

I hope there’s a local backup option, I’d prefer my crashplan took care of things from there.

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  1. AU/VST plugin support (for Dirac)
  2. IOS playback
  3. Selectable option for horizontal/vertical scrolling
  4. Selectable icon size in views to allow more albums/artists etc to be shown in a single screen

I see. In that case, I very much agree with @DrTone:

Roon should probably offer some kind of versioning for its database, so as to prevent corruption and previous edits (which it already seems to have to some extent), but I really don’t think RoonLabs should be bothered with cloud backups.

Backing up is essential, but Roon is not Backblaze, Crashplan or S3. It’s up to the user to backup— not just Roon, but all important data. Until local music is completely dead and we rely entirely on the cloud, Roon should have nothing to do with it. Priorities matter.

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1.2 didn’t bring much from my list but what it did - the iphone remote - is great! I’m still really impressed with all the ‘underlying’ stuff that’s there as its a huge amount of work. I’m glad the devs got it all done so they can move forward from a solid base, hopefully with free resources. Plus they no longer have to waste precious resources explaining when ‘RoonSpeakers’ or Linux might be released.

So, on to the next version :wink:

Pretty much the same list. I’m hoping some of these will find their way into a 1.2.x rather than 1.3.

  1. Room Correction - Dirac Live (native or AU plugin) or any other way of doing Room Correction well. If not Dirac, ideally something included with Roon.

  2. Multi-location, cloud based kind of setup, possibly combined with ‘Roon Light’ licenses, so I can play at work and in the car.

  3. Qobuz. What can I say. I know it’s unlikely but please free me from the Tidal stronghold.

  4. Better ‘find similar’ and other amazing metadata type features. I love the ‘similar to’, type features, but as one example I’d really like Roon to actually build a record shop of suggestions for me, using all the tools and data it already has.

  5. Some UI tweaks. Screen saver, better use of space, waveform enhancement. Pawmasher options. Focus options - user layout etc.


Full metadata editing. In my view this is the most pressing issue for a software whose goal is to the become the premium computer generated music player ever built - guys, you’ve been great beyond any expectations, but this editing feature still prevents you from being crowned.
But thank you, your software is the best of its kind - and I have been a fan of the 2 others that count, in my mind, Foobar2000 and JRiver.
So keept up the good work !


[quote=“hifi_swlon, post:30, topic:9534”]
Multi-location, cloud based kind of setup, possibly combined with ‘Roon Light’ licenses, so I can play at work and in the car
[/quote] -> :ok_hand:

  1. .iso support (SACD, DVD-A)
  2. .cue support
  3. .ape support

+1 especially for access to view pdf booklets stored in album folders.

  1. High-res display support for all display elements on all platforms, and general graphics tweaks for typefaces
  2. Fast scrolling on Apple platforms
  3. Easy to use track management, iTunes and Spotify style with drag n drop etc
  4. Multichannel audio support
  1. The ability to play entire library randomly, including classical (please!!).
  2. More art, sleeve notes etc. This was the thing that grabbed my attention when I first read about Roon and consequently the biggest disappointment (these three wishes represent my only disappointments in what is a great product). The last time I looked the inside of a Kiss double album is shown on the website as if you’d be able to see that picture (but you can’t).
  3. Better, more extensive, adventurous algorithm for Radio. I’ve turned it off now because it’s far too narrow to be satisfying beyond half a dozen songs.

Albums, play all, shuffle-surely gives you your first wish.


Isn’t this already available too? There is a little blue bar below the albums or artists and you can just move that along or tap at any point on the imaginary line to jump to any point. You can also click on the abc to jump to any point in the alphabet.

This could all work differently to typical iOS fast scrolling but I think Roon is trying to come up with the same look and feel across all devices.

Or is the fast scrolling you are looking for something else?

Sadly not. As soon as the shuffle hits what it thinks is a ‘Work’ it will play the entire album or work. Whether it’s classical, pop or rock.


Yep – makes playing compilations in shuffle mode virtually impossible.