Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

Yes. What I mean by fast scrolling is what happens when you continuously swipe the screen several times, which increases the scrolling speed. It’s great for navigating long lists and is available everywhere in any iOS or Mac product. Roon not having it makes it feel like an awkward citizen, which in some ways it is (.NET is not native).

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  1. UWP app for Windows, the current Windows exe is not very touch friendly, and not for Phones.
  2. Some sort of remote Power on, VOL ? How to turn a RoonBridge on (My Denon Amp with AirPlay, powers up when i choose it as a Zone)


  • Roon to parse all album reviews and biographies, find unlinked instances of artists, composers, labels etc. and link them in its metadata master. This can then be replicated to a user’s db. Provide same functionality within UI so user provided/ edited data can benefit from same
  • user ability to ascribe significance to artists i.e. augment/ modify Roon’s decisions in this regard.
  • show similar albums in album view
  • give users some degree of control/ customisation over Roon Radio playback/ selection criteria
  • add sub-genres to genre browsing (perhaps configurable by button press in genre view)
  • full metadata editing capability incl global search/ replace operations on artist names and the like e.g. I may decide I prefer Cat Stevens over Yusuf or visa versa
  • differentiate/ separate jazz, classical and pop/rock composers.


  • improved handling of endpoint selection from mobile apps

Possibility to choose sort order: Artist or Album Artist would be nice. The tag’s in my music files are organized on Album artist.

Possibility to edit the the tag’s within the flac files.

Also to be able to choose alphabetical sort order (Artists, Albums, Tracks, etc., etc.)

Can’t this be done now? I see:

  • Sort by Album Title (Albums view)
  • Sort by Name (Artists view)
  • Sort by Track Name (Tracks list)

Admittedly, the alpha sort doesn’t handle sorting of natural numbers (e.g. 1,000 comes before 20), but other than that, don’t we have alpha sort now?

Top 3 Prios for me:

  • Tidal Track Radio
  • Better playlist handling (sorting, duplicate detection, …)
  • Bugfixes

I would like to have an option to switch off the mac directly from the app. (ipad/iphone)

I’d love to see a Roon Remote for AppleTV!


Better yet, a full client!

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Doubt it’s got the muscle to do the job as a full client.

Of course it has. [quote=“evand, post:51, topic:9534, full:true”]
Doubt it’s got the muscle to do the job as a full client.

No, of course it has. All it needs to do is to play some audio and control playback.

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Apologies, as a client it may work, as a Core it wouldn’t.

Yes. While the Apple TV 4 is pretty powerful, lika modern iPhone, I don’t know that it would work as a Core. I really don’t know why you’d want to either.

But as a client—yes!

I’d REALLY like to see, in album details, next the ‘Tracks’ and ‘Credits’ tabs, is a file data tab that displays the users metadata, especially the comments field. I have all my albums tagged with year of pressing, if remastered, record label etc in the comments field. I refer to these a lot.


Like someone stated before.
Roon, please dont forget, apart from all the incredible features already implemented:

.iso support (SACD, DVD-A)
.cue support
.ape support
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Any sort order for Internet Radio (able to move around in any order for personal choice). At the moment only able to choose name order or date added order, which is a bit limited

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True that would be nice. Although you can indirectly change order by manually editing station name then sorting by name

Chromecast Audio as an Endpoint (pretty please!!!)

Doubt it will happen, but if it did this would open up a multitude of connected speakers throughout the house.


My 50 cent for the next release:

  1. With Internet Radio I want to make a folder of some of my radio stations. A folder for BBC, a folder for Reggae stations… I think u get my point
    If that fails, then please make it possible to shrink the logo´s, and make a list of the stations. Right now it is impossible to see all my 20+ stations at once.

  2. iTunes Playlist import

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