Album Art Issues

Hi, I am having a peculiar issue. I have multiple albums from a Artist, each of the albums have their own artwork. When I view by Artist, sometimes the artwork appears for the artist (roon automatically picks this up) and sometimes I just see a black and grey check pattern and the Artist Name. How can I get a image for the artist populated here. Thanks for your help.



The Album Art is there in the individual albums, however when I sort by Artists, the art is there for some and for some its the black and grey background. Please help. Thanks

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I do believe that is how it is meant to be; Roon gets the images of artists that it can, but sometimes it cannot find an image of an artist. You can ad these manually if you like.

Hi @Sanjiv_Sud ----- Can you please provide some screen shots of the issue(s) you are seeing with the artwork?