Album arts not showing up after the latest software update

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Album Art not showing up

The album art is not loading after the latest update. Kindly help.

Welcome to the club. It’s a big one.

Dunno what the issue is? I am looking at the threads with similar issues but so far no resolution has been found. I hope the support team helps if this is a big one.

Hello Roon team,

Expecting support here at the earliest, I need to renew the subscription tomorrow, if this problem persists, I really need to give it a thought.


Some facts, pictures, system details may help eg are you Windows, Mac Linux ?

Have you checked graphics drivers etc

As may flagging @support, are they even aware of the issue

Just a thought …

@Support There are plenty of threads on this issue. They are full of people with different systems, different graphics cards,etc. All of whom have tried every suggestion roon has made to try to make this a user problem. None of them work because it is a roon problem, which they haven’t solved since before 1.8. If the graphics appear in every other program under sun except roon, then it is probably a roon problem. I, for one, am getting tired of waiting for roon to solve this. Plenty of screen shots have been sent to roon; no responses from roon have follwed.

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Honestly, I tried a few things including re-installing Roon but its not working so far.

Ok, the issue is resolved, I will check this for a month’s subscription. I basically deleted the left over registry file which must not have updated along with the newer version.

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