Album artwork disappeared

Roon Core Machine

SONICTRANSPORTER i5 (GEN 3) - CPU: unknown, RAM: unknown, operating system: Linux.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Nokia beacon 1 - 2 Nos, 1 is hard wired to the Roon core, one is remote to boost signal.

Connected Audio Devices

NAD M10 hardwired to router. Router is also hard wired to sonictransporter (Roon core)
Chromecast on wifi.
Apple airport express on wifi.
Allo US Bridge hardwired to remote router.

Number of Tracks in Library

9,316 albums - don’t know how many tracks.

Description of Issue

Album artwork is missing for 90% of library. Problem started today - though I didn’t make any changes. Affects tidal library as well as non library albums, and also library albums stored on hard disk connected physically to the Roon core. Affects Tidal accessed via Roon.

Trouble shooting already done as follows:

  • Reboot of modem, routers and of wifi network
  • Reboot of Roon core
  • Clean up library via settings
  • Reinstall of Roon remote on my iPhone 12 running iOS 15.5
  • Restart of iPhone
  • using MacBook Pro based Roon remote to check if issue persists and confirmed it’s the same as iPhone Roon remote as above
  • stream to Chromecast linked to tv and album artwork absent

Photos attached

Maybe you want to check whether your internet provider enabled ipv6 recently. Ipv6 and Roon are not friends.

I have checked with the internet service provider who asked me to check with the router manufacturer (Nokia - Beacon 1). Nokia confirm that: (1) Ipv6 is switched on and (2) it has been enabled since inception. Since I have been on this configuration since April 2021, this does not explain the issue which has surfaced only in the last 2-3 days. Secondly, it seems that ipv6 is the new standard, so not sure why “Roon andIpv6 are not friends”. Please advise next steps and see chat transcript attached.

Yes I have exact same issue , artwork mostly missing and the pictures you posted look my problem as well

I am just a fellow user so don’t shoot the messenger :grinning: In my case after installing Rock on a NUC ipv6 was the issue regarding missing artwork. Your case seems different. All the best.

Oops - my apologies mate :). I thought … anyway never mind - I do appreciate your help :pray:t3::blush:

Does anyone know if these settings are ok?
Or I should mess with any of these?

we had a severe storm come through yesterday and lights flashed so I assume power surge. I didn’t notice it right away but there appeared a red dot on the menu bars. I attached a picture but the DOT is only approximate as it went away after I rebooted network modem and I photoshopped a dot back in. I rebooted my Iphone an Nucleus + but dot was still there and artwork on Iphone mostly gone. I rebooted modem and slowly everything returned. . It also seems my photshop of the red dot did not transfer to this post but it was on the 3 line menu bar upper left

Yes I have the dot too - and it’s not disappearing:(.

Since 95% of the time I control ROON with my IPhone I do not know if my PCs were ever acting up as they seem fine now. After my last post I realized that not all artwork came back on the IPhone. I remembered yesterday I was in an area where a suggestion to turn on VPN came up on the phone and I did. . I just turned off VPN and everything seems to be loading now.

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Hey @Rohit_Bhalla,

Thank you for getting in touch, and welcome to Community! We’re happy to have you but sorry to see that it was an issue that prompted your first post. We’d be happy to help figure this out!

It sounds like you may have been pointed in the right direction by @Bert. You may need to check Google for instructions to disable IPv6 on your router but give that a try. Many users have had instant success with that.

Are you having these issues on all of your remotes or just the iOS devices in your screenshots? Additionally, are you using VPN?

@jamie - thanks. That worked.
@Bert - mate - Thanks and sorry again. You were indeed spot on.
Happy ending :blush::pray:t3:.

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