Album Badges Not Showing OS X.11.5.2

System and Network Info in Profile.

See images.

Hello @Andrew_Webb,

Thanks so much for sharing this - sorry about the trouble.

It does feel naive to ask, but, did you give a try rebooting your Core? Also, did the very recent update help with this at all?

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No, not naïve, you never know what users are gonna do on their own.
Sorry, I should have listed the steps I took to fix it.
Yes, updated and restarted core, endpoints, and control devices.
No change.
It’s not a big deal, just kind of weird.

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Hey @Andrew_Webb, can you go to The Hateful Eight (Soundtrack) and open the album editor, then scroll down and let me know what’s selected under Contains Explicit Lyrics?

I’m wondering if maybe you’ve done some edit in the past that wiped these away, or something isn’t right with your import settings & file tags. Or it could just be a bug. :slight_smile: Let me know!

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It says “Prefer Roon”, and there is a No, but it has no checkmark.

I haven’t changed the settings since I first set up the database.

Some albums are showing the Live icon, and some are showing the Various Artists icon, but it seems to be random across my library.

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