Album booklets not accessible

Innuos Zen Mk3 - InnuOs 1.4.7 - Roon 1.8

I buy a lot of albums that are not on Qobuz, mainly from Hyperion and Linn. The albums booklets are included in the import as pdf documents. Is there any way I can access the booklets through Roon?

If you put the pdf booklets in the album folder then you can view them from within the album view
If you click on them it will open in a web browser

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Many thanks

No problem, I had to go and find one to try.
Good luck and I hope it work for you

For some reason I only got an album cover. Now I get the pdf. Weird.

Do you see something that looks like this below

This may be a bit crazy, but I checked another one and it says “Images” and I was clicking on “2 Images” and getting the cover art, not realising I should be clicking on “1 PDF”.
It would be less confusing if there were separate lines for “Images” and “Documents”.

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 00.44.04

No that sounds normal, and I did the same when I looked for you before I remembered.
Sounds like you are good to go so have fun.

I am … somewhere at the end of the 15th C with Josquin.

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