Album Box Set Editing

3-CD box set of Carmen: Bizet appeared as two albums, 1 & 3 and CD 2. Are there methods to track down the files path?

Once able to locate the two different album folders using dBpoweramp matched the metadata. The UI still appeared as two albums, 1 &3 and 2.

Finally I removed the folder and copied it back in. The UI recognized the change a created on album of 3 discs.

Hey Tim, you can always find the path to your files by right clicking any track to open the selection menu, then click the track info button.

It sounds like you were able to make some changes to your folders to get better clumping results, which leads me to believe that your initial file structure wasn’t quite right. I’d recommend checking out Jeremiah’s post here on how to improve your metadata matches, he goes into quite a bit of detail about file structure and the effects it has on identification. Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else.