Album calculating bug?... plus a couple other Roon metadata questions

I’ve noticed this for awhile and I don’t quite understand how this is possible.

I’ve attached a couple of screen captures. With the “Sorted by…” dropdown I get the same number except in the “Sort by Most Played” which adds around 600 more albums than in my collection? when scrolling through this section you will find that some albums get sorted 2 or 3 times. Shouldn’t each dropdown calculate to the same number of albums in your collection?

The other thing I’ve noticed is when you add a album from Tidal it will not always choose to use the Roon database but rather keep the Tidal metadata… you can tell this by looking at words “And” and “The” for example, when using Roon metadata it’s always “and” and “the”

Lastly, Roon does not seem to have one definitive way to designate albums with multiple artists albums but rather three ways, for example 1. Artist / Artist 2. Artist/Artist 3. Artist & Artist (It’s the graphic designer OCD in me coming out, but I think it would look much cleaner is all were treated the same way, my preference would be “Artist / Artist”).

I just quite RoonServer so I could do my monthly backup and when I restarted the “Sort by Most Played” now reads the same album total as all the other dropdown menu options.