Album cover from unknown source

Roon Core Machine

My computer is DIY built, with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X cpu, 16GB ram, Nvidia 2070 Super

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I’m using whatever modem-router that AT&T gave me with my interent service, a cat6 ethernet cable, and am running MozillaVPN on the computer

Connected Audio Devices

Topping D90LE over USB, connected to Schiit Jotunheim 2 over xlr

Number of Tracks in Library

3,070 tracks

Description of Issue

So far my issue only shows up on one album, that being Used To by Wilma Laverne Miner. I have no idea where the album cover is getting sourced from, since the software should be pointing to the file I have on hand. I’ve tried things such as selecting between “prefer best” and “prefer file,” and even deciding to rescan album, but after a while it just reverts back to the unknown album cover, regardless of what I did.

Weird, looks like a bug. Does it stay if you download the desired cover and then add it with “Add Image”?

Have you tried clearing the cache?

Just now cleared it, and the issue persists

Have you tried deleting the Core cache as well?

For now it does stay

There’s another cache? I went to Settings > Setup > Clear image cache. I’m not sure where else to find another cache option.

If you’re using a Windows core then navigate to:


You’re replacing “Name” with your Windows’ user name.

Then do the following:

  1. Close down your Roon Server.
  2. Move the cache folder to another location, e.g. your Desktop
  3. Restart Roon Server

You may need to clear your local cache again, via the Roon UI. I’ve had success with this method when it comes to “stubborn” artwork!