Album cover only no metadata [Roon Investigating]

Roon Core Machine

Macintosh MC452 > Linn SelectDSM McIntosh C2700.
All ethernet connected.
Since the rebuild update the metadata does not show on chromecast streamed to display. Album cover shows but no metadata. As pictured this is what I’m getting.

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Hey @Robert_Zinn,

Thanks so much for letting us know :nerd_face: . We’re sorry about the trouble.

Would you disconnect the Chromecast display from Roon and restart your Core, then connect it again. Is there any change?

No change after disconnecting Chromecast and rebooting core

Just to be clear there are some, though very few, which display properly

I’ve also watched to see if it’s just Qobuz, Tidal, or my library, happens on all, but infrequently, works ok

It is not a chromecast only problem. Problem shows on any browser and device I tried.

Hey @Robert_Zinn,

I’ve taken this to our technical team — they are investigating. We’ll follow up as soon as we hear back :nerd_face:

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