Album covers and hi rez file info not tranferring from library

Hello I’m a newbie but I think I have looked all over for answers and can’t seem to find them.
I’m using version 1.1. (build 94). I just switched from J River 20 about 3 months ago. I use Tidal Hi-Fi which is linked with my Roon account (Canada). I am using a dedicated music computer - an HP EliteBook 8440P,i5,4GB RAM, Windows 10. My files are stored on the HP (and backed up on a separate drive). The laptop feeds by Bryston BDP-2.
Issues: The albums stored on my hard drive had previously been used by J River and the album covers and content generally showed up perfectly in the J River library. Occasionally a cover could not been found. Now, in Roon, many of the covers are not found and I’m getting the “boiler plate” covers. If I do a search there is a good chance I can find a cover but the track info doesn’t line up. This manual stuff takes a lot of time. The second issue relates to the why different resolution album versions I have are not showing up in the Roon library. For example I may have a CD version, a 24/96 download and then a Tidal duplicate version creeps in. Problem is the Tidal version is the only one that shows up in Roon library. I can see the others in my music folder stored on my C drive. So the issue is why not all versions are showing up even when I click on “show other versions”. I know I can disable Tidal but that kind of defeats the purpose of having it.
Your help is appreciated.

For these albums, are there already covers embedded in your files (or stored alongside your files) that you’re expecting to see, or is Roon just failing to automatically retrieve covers for these albums?

Are these albums identified, as described here?

So, these missing albums aren’t being imported at all? Are other files from the same directory on your C: drive imported? Are all the missing albums the same format?

Hi Mike
Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate your help. Sorry the rest of my night and today got in the way of my response.

I’d say the covers are embedded. All of my music has been downloaded or ripped “as is” directly to music storage on my C drive. This includes CD’s I have ripped (I assume the meta data goes along with it) and hi-rez downloads I have purchased and in very rare cases i Tunes downloads.

Yes, I’m getting the “unidentified” label and about 90% of the time can find a similar cover but rarely do the tracks line up. So often in the interests of time and wanting a correct cover I will accept a close cover match with incorrect tracks.

As an example I can show you some snipes of the C drive file compared to the Roon and J River libraries That might be helpful.For example, I can see I have a cd recorded in flac of Diana Krall “Love Scenes” in J River yet I’m only getting the Tidal file showing up in Roon and not all of the albums either.

Hello Mike
Did you need any further info from me or perhaps the snipes" that I have showing the differences between the libraries for one artist as an example?

In settings are you set to SHOW duplicates ?

Hey @Glenn_Quarrington – sorry for the slow response here. Do you have an example of an album that’s failing to retrieve a cover, and an example of an album that’s failing to import? I might want to have a look at both, so we can get a better sense of what’s going on here.

I would also check the setting @ncpl referenced above – if you have multiple copies of an album, and they each have very similar tracklists, Roon will flag them as duplicates and display them as a single cover (although you can always access all versions – more information here.

Let me know if you have some example albums you can zip up for us. If you can upload them to dropbox and PM me a link that would be great, but I can also give you a way to upload them directly to us. Just let me know. Thanks!

Hi Mike

Please give this a try. Hopefully it will help explain what I mean. This
also shows lots of covers not being retrieved just from the one artist.

The version of Love Scenes that shows in Roon is from Tidal. If I
click on “other versions” nothing else comes up. Yet I have my rip of the CD in
my library.

In my settings I made sure to switch it to “show duplicates”. But no
diff. Perplexing for me but I’m new to all this.

Hey @Glenn_Quarrington - sorry for the slow response here. For this picture, can you click over to the details tab and give me a look at what the tags are for these files?

You could also just drop one of the FLACs in Dropbox and send a link over. I want to understand a little better what type of metadata these files contain so I can understand why they’re not showing up in Roon.


Hi Mike
Will this one flac file be sufficient? Let me know if you need more. This is from the album in question - Love Scenes that I have in my library.

Thank you.

Hey @Glenn_Quarrington – sorry for the slow response here.

From what I can tell from this file, there are no tags at all in this file:

If this album was stored in it’s own folder with sequentially numbered files, Roon would still have a good chance of identifying the album, since we could look at the structure of the files and match it to the CD release. Unfortunately, this file has no information about the album or track numbers that I can see.

If there was an image file in the folder as well (preferably called cover.jpg) we would likely pick that up as well, and display it as the cover, just as we would if the cover art was embedded in the file.

Unfortunately, since this file is called Diana Krall - I Don't Know Enough About You, and has no embedded tags to clue Roon in on the track number, album title, artist, or cover art, there’s going to be very little Roon can do here to successfully identify this album.

There are a number of tools you can use to make sure your files are properly tagged, and you can also use Roon’s built-in Identify feature to make sure your albums are properly identified, but I would expect less-than-stellar results with files like this. Let me know if you have any other questions!