Album covers missing when adding new

Recently I am adding albums (Qobuz, not local) and the album covers are missing once I’ve clicked add. I just get a grey square.
Had anyone else experienced this or know a fix, as it’s quite annoying?

You could try Settings > Setup > Clear Image Cache. Often helps with random art corruption. Assuming that it’s still able to fetch images at all, it would then repopulate the cache from new.

Thanks for reply. Just took a look at that setting, but I think that’s related to the cache on a particular device. This issue is across all devices I use.

I have noticed that it seems to be stuck on ‘adding music to library’. It says of 797 tracks, 797 added, 0 identified.

Playlist ‘Metadata improver: paused’

True. You didn’t mention that

Sorry. Reset my server and seems to have solved this issue!


Hi @Dean_Bucknall,

We’re glad to hear a server reset seems to have resolved the issue for now. I’ve marked your post as a solution but this thread will stay open for several days in case the problem returns. Cheers!

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