Album Edit - Change album art with a PC when Core is on a NAS [Answered]

Brand new user, seeing an issue that appears to have a combination of causes.

I am running Roon on a Synology NAS with primary output to a microRendu and Roon Remotes on a Nvidia Shield Tablet (the earliest model) and a Samsung tablet. My pre-Roon library was pretty thoroughly worked over and I had the metadata right where I wanted it.

As we all know, Roon does its own thing with metadata. Mostly I didn’t find that objectionable, but in a couple of cases I wanted to make changes. I found the Album Edit function in the documents but couldn’t find that function in the ‘three dots’ drop-down on my Nvidia Shield Tablet.

I discovered that there were two Roon Remote interfaces, the ‘phone’ version and the ‘tablet’ version. Unfortunately (this should be changed) the Nvidia Shield Tablet runs the ‘phone’ version and that doesn’t seem to show the Album Edit option in the ‘three-dots’ drop-down menu. I then went to my Samsung tablet and found the Album Edit option in the ‘three dots’ drop-down menu on that tablet. However, my Samsung tablet is relatively underpowered in relation to my Nvidia Shield Tablet and the edit functions run slow.

What all this comes down to is I need to get access to the Album Edit function on a faster device, and for me that device is my Windows 10 laptop. However, I don’t see a version of Roon Remote for Windows desktop. I don’t need any core functions - just the equivalent of Roon Remote. What do I install to allow me to do Album Edit under Windows 10?

Just download the Roon package for Windows. It will recognize that you have a roon server elsewhere on the network and connect to that and run as a remote.

Well, the downloaded Windows app offers me the option of ‘Manage your Library’ or ‘Use as a Remote’. I select ‘Use as a Remote’, it installs, then tells me my screen isn’t big enough (1920x1080 isn’t enough?) and asks for fullscreen mode. I give it that and I do get the ‘Tablet’ screen with editing options available. However, I can’t see any ‘Exit’ option - there’s no way to either minimize or terminate the app. How do I get out once I’m in? I had to cancel via Task Manager this time.

OK - upon further review - Yes, my screen is 1920x1080 but I had it set to a Windows scaling factor of 150%. At either 100% or 125% Roon starts windowed and the window has the standard minimize/maximize/close icons in the upper right corner. When set to 150%, Roon starts windowed with the window taking up all but a hair of the full screen and issues the message “Your Screen Resolution is too small to run Roon. Please try to run maximized or full screen.” This window also has the standard minimize/maximize/close icons in the upper right corner. If I click on ‘maximize’ the “… too small …” message is issued again. If I click on “full screen” Roon goes to full screen (removing the minimize/maximize/close icons) and does display the “Tablet” screen I need. I also discovered that, when in “full screen” the ‘hamburger’ icon reveals a ‘return to windowed’ icon. If, from a full screen “Tablet” display, I click on the ‘return to windowed’ icon the display drops back to a window, reissues the “… too small …” message, and shows me the minimize/maximize/close icons.

So I have a work-around: at Roon startup select “full screen” and to shut down, go to ‘hamburger’, select ‘return to windowed’ and use the now-visible minimize/maximize/close icons to shut down from there. Seems clumsy but it will get me where I want to go.

As background, I’m using a 15.3" laptop display. It is my belief that many people using a 15.3" laptop display with 1920x1080 resolution run it at 150% scaling to make the icon labels and other Windows text more legible. I’d suggest that the Roon “Tablet” screen window should fit in this resolution at 150% scaling without the need for full screen.