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I have a trial version of Roon and spend some time with the product, as I consider to buy a live time license. What I have seen so far Roon is really overwhelming. Amongst many other features one that I’m particularly interested in is the album editor. For example I would like to ensure that there is the right sequence for the songs and most importantly I would like to add album covers in a reasonable quality where my own ripping results show only small (about 20 kb or so) album covers.

My question @support is: How could I save such changes and copy them back to my streamers hard disc and my safety copy on a external disc? This is also necessary, as I would like to copy music to my Astell&Kern KANN mobile player.

Hello @Juergen_Freund,

Thank you for submitting your questions here, let me try to answer them below:

  • Yes, album editor can do what you request, you can edit the sequence of the tracks by opening the album and then pressing the 3-dor drop down menu next to a track -> Edit -> Edit Track -> Track Number -> and set this to the track number you wish.

  • To upload manual album covers, you will need to go to the Album browser by navigating to the album then pressing the 3-dot drop down at the top -> Edit -> Edit Album -> Album Artwork. Here you can select “Add Image” to point Roon to your preferred Cover.

  • For your question regarding saving these changes, you will definitly want to have regular scheduled backups made from within Roon. You can read our Backups Documentation for more information but this backup menu can be accessed in Roon Settings -> Backups. The Roon menu I am reffering to here is on the top left-hand corner of Roon and looks a bit like a hamburger :slight_smile:

  • As for saving the backups to an external hard drive, you can use the backup menu to achieve that, all you need to do is select the destination when presented with the options. A backup will contain your edits but will not contain the media files themselves. I would suggest having a backup period of every 3-4 days with a maximum of 10 just in case something ever goes wrong or you’d like to revert to previous versions. These numbers may change to better suit your editing needs, so if you plan to make a lot of edits I would make daily backups.

  • For getting the music to the Astell & Kern mobile player, you will need to do this without using Roon. As far as I know the Astell & Kern is not Roon ready, but I would just double check this info by opening your Roon Settings -> Audio tab and see if it shows up there. If it does then you will be able to stream content to the endpoint without then need to transfer the music first. Astell & Kern provides these instructions for sideloading apps to it but I have not tested these instructions so I can’t comment on how this will work, it will be more or less a “try it an see how it goes” kind of situation here.

I believe I answered all of your questions here, but if I missed something or you have follow-up questions just let me know!


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